Jessica Drossin Textures Monthly Photo Challenge: Week 1

I am taking part in a monthly challenge this year, to keep my creative gears going strong! 🙂 You can check out ALL the details here: – and join in if you want! I encourage you to do so, if you can! It will be a fantastic journey! ♥

January’s challenge was to pick a song – any song – and portray what I heard with a photograph.

I chose the song ‘In My Arms’ by Plumb. It’s beautiful and you can take a listen here:

Specifically, the lyrics that spoke to me and inspired this image, “Story books, full of fairy tales, of kings and queens and the bluest skies. My heart is torn just in knowing You’ll someday see the truth from lies.”

{Textures: Marked and Revelation}

My son LOVES books – the pure beauty of them. His imagination SOARS at even just 2-years-old. He’ll sit and look and wonder … I pray he NEVER loses his sense of awe. But I do realize, as he grows, he will learn that life isn’t quite a story book – that life dishes out some pretty unexpected things. However, I pray he ALWAYS sees the truth from lies, early on. That he knows he is NEVER alone and that he is destined for great things – to live out his very own fairy tale. ♥