Anna Turns 1!

Sweet little Anna turned 1 in December and I cannot even tell you how special it has been to watch her grow! I have been able to share the journey with her mommy and daddy, since before she was born. It’s such a privilege to be a part of people’s lives in such momentous ways. I’m humbled. And ALWAYS so thankful. Happy Birthday sweet little Anna Bean!

{We took some of these photos at Anna’s birthday party – and the others at St. Patrick’s County Park a few weeks before. Anna’s mommy Gina was fantastic in styling her birthday party and outdoor session! Such an amazing, creative momma!}

2013-01-22_001 2013-01-22_002 2013-01-22_003 2013-01-22_004 2013-01-22_005 2013-01-22_006 2013-01-22_009 2013-01-22_010 2013-01-22_011 2013-01-22_012 2013-01-22_013