Beautiful You: Dornita!

The reason why I love photography so much is that in a way, with the God given ability to actually SEE someone, I can help them see themselves – truly – and reveal to them, just how beautiful they are. I thank God daily, that he gives me the eyes to see people – just the way they are.

I think that’s what I LOVE about photographing women. Because let’s face it ladies … society is ALWAYS telling us what to wear, what way to cut our hair, what shade of lipstick is the best, and what size clothing we should fit into. It’s all to much to live up to. But I’m thankful that there are amazing ladies like Dornita – she is confident and beautiful and I’m so lucky to have met her!

She is a momma of a sweet 2-year-old and an extremely hard worker – doing what she’s gotta’ do, day in and day out – and being fabulous too!

She wanted to do a shoot that showed off HER – the way she now sees herself – to show off her beauty in a way she never had before. I was PRIVILEGED to photograph her and simply, to get to know her.

This girl is gorgeous without any makeup at all – but her shoot was 50s inspired – so the fabulous Kerri, with Hair Designs by Kerri, came in to give her a completed look, with hair and makeup. And might I say … WOW. 🙂 She really is a knock out!

But more so … she is one of a kind … because her inner beauty comes SHINING through … making her outer beauty that much more gorgeous!

Thankful for this amazing lady, who is teaching me to love myself, flaws and all! You are beautiful girl. ♥

P.S. I just wanted to share Dornita’s message – because I’m humbled – and completely blown away at how amazing this woman is. She truly loves herself and is a beautiful example for not only other women she knows, but her young, sweet little girl. Thankful for role models like this amazing woman!

“Hi rockstar photographer!! I love them all, you are the best!! I just wanted to say you made me feel so special for a day and I can’t thank you enough for that. You actually took time to listen to my vision and made it even better than I could imagine. Growing up I never felt pretty and was always self conscious about my weight. Now finally at 26 yrs old I decided to make a stand and celebrate me and all my curves and flaws. So you see these pictures represented me finally loving me. I will never be able to thank you enough or express how you help me celebrate the love I now have for me and now you.”