Love What You Do

Working on a little side project – that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile! I love writing and imagery – so I wanted to combine the two …

Truth be told, writing has been, and most likely, will always be my first passion. 🙂 I actually went to college and studied journalism. I wanted to be a reporter. I wanted to ‘change the world’ by writing about it. If you ever come to my house, you’ll find a billion and one journals – and undoubtedly, they’re all filled from first page to last page. Writing is my outlet. It always has been. I thought I could make a living by doing what I was really passionate about, but life steered me in a different direction.

It’s funny how ‘life’ does that … you have this idea of how it ‘should’ be, but the doors that need to be shut along the way are closed because they just weren’t meant to be open. Yet in the midst of that disappointment and those ‘closed doors’ to opportunity, new doors and windows, appear in view, and new experiences present themselves. I’m forever grateful for those closed doors – I wouldn’t be ‘in this moment’ if those doors had not shut. I’m thankful that God was steering my path all along – and I am HERE – right now – doing what I really love.

I’m learning that not everyone will like what I do – and that’s ok. Just like anything in life … some people will relate to you – others not so much – but enjoying all the genuine moments is what it’s all about. So start there. And most importantly, LOVE WHAT YOU DO. Whatever it may be …

Inspired by my brilliant little sister, and biz partner Erin, and the amazing Brooke Shaden Photography, this is my first attempt to write a story – and create the imagery behind it. 🙂

More to come, but this is just the beginning of the ‘first story’!

{Special thanks to my sweet, gorgeous friend Brittany, who was the model in these images. Extremely grateful for the incredible makeup/hair stylist who took the vision I had and ran with it! Mili, you are AMAZING!!}


“She wanted to uncover her true self. The wall of trees, made her realize how lost and desolate she felt. Emerging from the woods was her only option…”


… It wouldn’t be easy – she was used to hiding behind the unknown – but not any longer. She was ready …

More coming soon! 🙂