Storytelling: The Snow Queen

I always love it when an idea just ‘comes together’. It doesn’t happen often because my mind is kinda’ crazy – but when it does – I get a bit of a flutter in my stomach – and well, I smile, from ear to ear!

I had such a blast with this project. I wish I could do these personal things all the time! Thankful for the time – and the talent that went behind this photo-shoot.

Here is a little behind the idea post I wrote a few weeks ago, to explain what this is all about. But basically – it’s about doing what you LOVE – and doing it because you can! It’s such a blessing to be able to do something just because. I never want to take that freedom for granted – and I’m just so thankful for the opportunities that have been given to me. Sincerely.

And while creating anything can be a challenge – if you do it to the best of your ability – and do it because it’s what makes you feel ALIVE – then it’s bound to have an impact on someone. Even if that person is yourself!

Thank you to the special, amazing people who made this possible! So appreciative. And I can’t wait until the next ‘storytelling session’! 😉

Model: Brittany Bridwell
Makeup/Hair Artist: Mili Zuniga
Dress: Inspire Me South Bend
Location: Ferrettie/Baugo Creek County Park
Story Written by: Emily Allison
Photographer: Emily Allison | Hey Sisters! Photography



“She wanted to uncover her true self. The wall of trees, made her realize how lost and desolate she felt. Emerging from the woods was her only option…”


… It wouldn’t be easy – she was used to hiding behind the unknown – but not any longer. She was ready …


… Ready for what? It was all so uncertain. But finally – after hiding for so long – she braced herself – and MOVED …


… She stood tall. She stood proud …


… And with each step forward, she stared fear in the face – wearing grace, perseverance, and strength …


… She was ready for what awaited her. She hid no longer and EMBRACED the beautiful life in front of her.