“US” {Erin and Emily} The Faces Behind the Camera

We don’t post a TON of personal stuff. I guess we’re a bit more introverted than we’d like to admit! 🙂 Although, not gonna’ lie, photography has gotten us both out of the shells we sometimes fall into. And for that, I’m TRULY and utterly grateful. We’ve met some of the most AMAZING people that we’ve not only had the privilege to share in some of the most special moments in their lives, but have also become forever friends.

It’s strange how as you grow up, you learn these truths about yourself … that most often, things aren’t always black and white. And that life truly is this great adventure … one that has its ups and downs … its triumphs and failures. Sure, it sucks to fall down, but damn. When you get back up and push even harder, what a rush. What a feat. The passion that you thought was strong, becomes that much stronger.

We’ve fallen along the way through this photography journey, but we’ve learned so much too. So much about ourselves – each other – things that we would have never known, if we hadn’t started this journey back in 2010. And to think … it all started with my little sister answering a Craigslist ad for a couple in need of a wedding photographer … I’m so THANKFUL she did. 🙂

Passion is definitely a funny thing. It moves you to ACT. It moves you to DREAM. It moves you to CHASE after the very things that sometimes, hold you back. It MOVES you to actually DO things you never thought were possible. And while failure is sometimes a part of the journey, the fact that we have each other to help through those moments, makes falling just a little bit easier along the way. I’m certain we’ll make more mistakes along the way – but those mistakes will simply be our stepping stones.

I’m thankful that this journey has brought my sister Erin and I to this point in our lives. Sure, we’re not the best. And we have SO MUCH to improve on … but dang. This journey. It’s been a pretty amazing one. And I couldn’t imagine doing it with anyone else but her. ❤

{ This photo really is US … doing what we love to do best … LAUGH. My amazingly talented friend Joanne of Josephiney Photography took it while my sisters and I spent some time together on the beach! And for those of you who may not know my little sister, you MUST get to know her! She has the ability to make ANYONE laugh – and I mean really laugh. The belly laughs that make your stomach hurt, but in a really good way. I feel so blessed – so lucky to not only have her as my business partner and sister, but as my friend. This is US. }



Thankful she is my biz partner – my sister – my friend. ❤


Life is so much better with sisters! Thankful I get to have three! 🙂