The Spectacular NOW

Time is often the first thing that comes to my mind when I sit down and write. I don’t know why. It’s this unbelievable gift … and every day I wake up, I’m so grateful I’m alive to LIVE another day. For more TIME.

I’ve learned in recent years that while I cannot control the speed of which time travels – I can control the moment I’m in. I know that sounds somewhat strange, but living in the moment is such a beautiful gift as well. You truly EXPERIENCE a memory being made. I think that’s what I love about photography … I get to share in these moments … these beautiful memories being made for these amazing people, with hope that one day, they can look back at that image, and experience the exact same feeling they had when they were in it.

Some days, I wish I could relive moments in my life. Only to experience them the way I experience them now … actually IN them.

We often get tangled up in what’s going to happen tomorrow – or we continue to live in our past because of the uncertainty of the future. It’s such a cycle we experience – and not because we want to, but because sometimes it’s easier to live elsewhere than in the NOW.

But I think if we can truly see TIME – and the blessing that it is – the NOW would be the best gift we could give to ourselves … and more importantly, to each other.


I’ve learned so much from my little boy … especially the importance of living in the moment. Grateful to be his mom. And even more so, thankful for more TIME.