“Surround Yourself With Those Who See Greatness Within You …” {My Fitness Journey}

Stories. We all have one. Life gives us these incredible gifts so that we can pass them onto others – perhaps to help them in the very moments we once found ourselves in. So what exactly is my story? Well, this is more about my fitness journey – but it’s so much more than that … this journey has changed my life. And like anything that we are excited about, it’s hard to keep it in! So here goes …

After having my son, I was a big mess; a heaping mess of a person actually. Between all the highs and lows of becoming a mother, I was also at the heaviest weight of my life. I gained about 60 pounds while pregnant and my sweet boy Eli was almost 10 pounds when he was born! It was the greatest joy of my life becoming his mom, but my body had taken a beating. On top of all the weight I gained, I had to have a C-section, which caused a few issues for the first few months after he was born. I truly hated looking in the mirror. And I wanted to make a change – not only for my family – but for myself.

So, I began a search … searching for something that would work for me, after failed attempts to lose the weight and ultimately get healthy. I started noticing a friend of mine, Rosalind, sharing yummy, healthy recipes, and workout inspiration. I also noticed how amazing she looked, being a mother of four kiddos – one of which she just had! I reached out to her and she started talking about her daily regimen and that’s when she told me about BeachBody, Shakeology and the various fitness programs being offered through BeachBody. It was a combination that was TOTALLY working for her and I was super interested – just not quite ready to fully commit. To be honest with you, I thought that if I invested time into myself, people would think I was selfish – or not a good mom. Since I had to return to work 3 months after he was born, the last thing I wanted to do was spend more time away from him. It was a ‘guilty complex’ that I struggled with for months and months after having my son. I kind of think all us moms struggle with that – especially if we’re working. We want to be everything for our children – even if that means sacrificing ourselves. But in the long run – and through this journey – I have realized that if I am not ok – then my family would suffer. So for me, it was time to make a choice…

I had been familiar with BeachBody for many years. Chalene Johnson, who is the amazing creator of workouts like TurboJam, TurboFire and Piyo, was how I first learned about BeachBody, about 7 or 8 years ago!

But honestly, it wasn’t until I started going to the Let’s Go Fitness Center that I actually started to get serious about my fitness and health journey. Ros invited me to a few free workouts and I actually enjoyed the group setting. I used to HATE working out. It was never fun. But there was something about this place. These people that kept me coming back! In March of 2014, I started doing Insanity. And as you can imagine – it was insane! I felt like I was going to die the first few workouts – and I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to do it. But … in the first few months, I noticed a bit of a shift in my overall energy and I was feeling pretty good – losing inches and a few pounds. I thought perhaps I could do this?! Not only that, but I had a support system at this place … people who lifted me up … right where I was at.

A few months after I started Insanity, I started an at home program to potentially increase my weight loss and really dial in on my nutrition. The program was called the 21 Day Fix and wow. I had no idea how much of a boost that would give me to fully commit to this road to better health – and in 21 days I actually saw results! I lost 5 pounds and 10 inches from my arms, hips and waist! I was stoked! And honestly, in that moment, there was no going back. I knew that I wanted to make this a way of life …

And then, in October 2014 I discovered Les Mills BODYCOMBAT and I found my workout soul mate. And I was ready to be IN IT for the long haul. I’m even training to become an instructor of the program – and never, ever did I believe – or think I could do that. I’m so incredibly humbled each time I get up in front of a class to teach a track because it not only moves me further and further out of my comfort zone – but it also makes me realize that I can actually do this. I still get overwhelmed thinking about it now!

I also have been working hard to get my nutrition dialed in. And I’ll be honest … it takes some time to get there. It wasn’t until I started the 21 Day Fix that I actually realized what portion control could do! And when I introduced Shakeology®, which I was such a skeptic about at first, it truly changed things for me.

Fast forward to about a month ago … I made the decision to become a Beachbody coach – because here is the thing … like anything in life, if you surround yourself with people who are passionate about something – you start to become passionate about it too!

Through my fitness journey, that began in March of 2014, I’ve lost 35 pounds, countless inches, including 10+ inches off my waist, I’ve improved my endurance and agility, and I’m getting stronger and stronger each day. Looking back, even though there were struggles and tough days, I’m so grateful for the people that helped push me through those mental barriers, that held me back for so long. They saw something in me that I never saw in myself … and it changed my life in more ways than words could ever say…

So there it is … my fitness story … in a nutshell! I am taking this journey one step at a time and my hope is to help others realize they’re worth it. Because you are!!! And YOU truly can do ANYTHING if you believe you can do it.

If you’re interested in starting your own journey and just need some help or motivation, please hit me up! I’d love to walk alongside you through your own success story!