Emary Baptismal Ceremony {Basilica of the Sacred Heart} South Bend Indiana Special Event Photographers

I was privileged to document a special moment for this sweet family a few weekends ago, at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on the campus of Notre Dame. The baptismal ceremony was a beautiful one – but it was especially wonderful to see how loved sweet Emary is by her amazing friends and family. 2015-06-05_0002.jpg 2015-06-05_0003.jpg 2015-06-05_0004.jpg 2015-06-05_0005.jpg 2015-06-05_0006.jpg 2015-06-05_0007.jpg 2015-06-05_0008.jpg 2015-06-05_0009.jpg 2015-06-05_0010.jpg 2015-06-05_0011.jpg 2015-06-05_0012.jpg 2015-06-05_0013.jpg 2015-06-05_0014.jpg 2015-06-05_0015.jpg 2015-06-05_0016.jpg 2015-06-05_0017.jpg 2015-06-05_0018.jpg 2015-06-05_0019.jpg 2015-06-05_0020.jpg 2015-06-06_0001.jpg 2015-06-06_0002.jpg 2015-06-06_0004.jpg 2015-06-06_0005.jpg 2015-06-06_0006.jpg 2015-06-06_0007.jpg 2015-06-06_0008.jpg 2015-06-06_0009.jpg 2015-06-06_0010.jpg 2015-06-06_0011.jpg 2015-06-06_0012.jpg 2015-06-06_0013.jpg 2015-06-06_0014.jpg