A Little About Erin

I am in love with my three nephews, nature, design and photography. You could say they are my four loves of this beautiful life.

I grew up LOVING photography. I started taking pictures at an early age, with a Polaroid, usually of my pet cocker spaniel, Oliver. However, nature has always intrigued me. And as I’ve gotten older, the beautiful in the small things around me has made me appreciate nature even more.

I have studied photography and design for many years. It all began in high school, with film and the darkroom. In college, the digital world changed everything and I’ve been able to watch this beautiful art form transform into something I never thought it could.

I have studied both photography and graphic design at Columbia College in Chicago, as well as the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. But it’s the experience I’ve gained throughout the years shooting, that has really helped me hone my photography style.

I look forward to what the future has in store – and while I don’t know the outcome of tomorrow, I do believe the sky is the limit!