So What About That Name?

So, you might wonder what’s the deal with our name? Maybe? Some people have asked – perhaps others have wondered. So we figure we’ll put the wonderment to rest here.

Erin and I are of course sisters, but coming up with a name was a daunting task for us. We wanted to select something unique – something that defined us. We probably wrote down 100 different names.

A friend of my sister’s was brainstorming with us and said why not call yourselves Hey Sister! We have two other sisters as well and whenever we answer the phone, visit with each other, that’s what we say upon first speaking or seeing each other, ‘Hey Sister!’ It’s one of those phrases that we’ve used since we were kids – and well, it’s followed us into adulthood.

So, of course we didn’t ponder long – we thought, this is rather perfect. We decided we’d name ourselves Hey Sisters! Photography. That sisterly bond we share is one of a kind – despite distance and time, it’s constant – and I can’t tell you how much fun we all have when we’re together. So our name not only represents us, but it defines us. After all, where would we be without our sisters?!

So, here we are today … enjoying this endeavor and enjoying the sister time we get to spend together. We always say, ‘sister time, is the BEST time’. Who could ask for anything better?!?


Photo taken by the amazing, Josephiney Photography. 🙂